Why You Should Listen to Kina Grannis

I am one of the many people who love art and music. There may be difference between the two but music is also a form of art. I love it because there is this feeling of freedom when I am expressing myself through singing or playing of instruments. It is also amazing and sometimes surreal to listen to artists whose lyrics are very relatable. One great of that is Kina Grannis.

Who is Kina Grannis?

Kina is a budding music artist with a truly promising talent. When I say this, I mean she’s the kind that I am sure would not become popular because of autotune and highly commercial voice and soundtracks. Many will surely agree with me if I say her is an art, a music that really speaks of what and how we all feel about certain things such as love and life. Unlike other superstar music pop icon today such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce, the rising star has a voice that cuts through the air. It’s very clear and crisp, yet at the same time so emotional and overflowing with feelings.

When she was young she used to sing with her sisters while doing household chores such as the dishes. When she turned 15, she discovered a classical guitar owned by her aunt. That moment, it was like magic because she found something she can use to express herself without limitations. This is why on her 16th birthday she got a guitar as a gift. From then on, she began creating very human and passionate melodies and lyrics. The next moments are performances in numerous small and big events and venues.

Elements – Her sophomore album

Ms. Grannis broke into the mainstream industry when she released her debut album Stairwells. With her breezy vocals backed up by light percussion and gauzy strings, she instantly landed in the Billboard charts. Obviously, she’s a made a name for herself because of her perseverance, determination and of course raw talent. Continue reading →

Hottest Volleyball Players

Volleyball is one of my favorite sports. When I was in high school, I joined the varsity team but wasn’t able to participate in competitions. In college, I tried to join the Volleyball Club but my time was spent on other extra curricular activities. But since I was young, I never stopped watching volleyball games. I just love watching international cups such as the Women Grand Prix. My favorite teams are Brazil, Cuba and Russia. I also have favorite players. Below are some of what I considered the hottest.

Leila Barros


Leila was born on September 30, 1971. She is currently residing in Rio de Janeiro. Her height is 5’10”. Like myself, she started playing volleyball at the age of 15. This I think served as her training that made her one of the best players. I can’t help but get awed whenever I watch her spike the ball with such force and power. Aside from her skill, she is also very pretty and charming. That is why she has become among the most famous players. She is vey admired in Asian countries. I remember watching a game held in Asia, the people at the background are always cheering for her and her team even though they are not Brazilians. That is because she has earned the admiration of millions.

I agree if many will say she belongs to the top ranking players. In terms of monetary success, her best finish winnings are $220,648 (International, 1st), $220,648 (FIVB, 1st), and $220,648 (Overall, 1st). From these alone, I can see that Leila has become very successful in her career, which I envy at times.

Michal Kadziola

When it comes to male volleyball players, girls will surely scream out their lungs about their own picks. Well, for me I consider Michal Kadziola as a hot player inside and out. He is from the beautiful country of Poland. I am not surprised that he became famous. I’ve learned that during high school, he is the student that knows everyone. That is why everyone knows him as well. Continue reading →

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Why 30s is the Marrying Age

A lot of people are so excited to get married. One reason is they are imagining their wedding to be among the best. This is one reason why so many relationships fail at the end. Many get divorced later because they found out they don’t really love each other. And the fact is most of those who get divorce are within the age range of twenties when they got married. For me, I strongly believe that people should get married in their thirties. Below are the reasons why.


20s is for exploration and self-discovery

Like other adults, I have lots of dreams and ambitions. I may not achieve all these if I get married early. I am a very romantic person but I also want to pursue a career and be successful in it. If I marry someone I would surely have less time for my interests. Most of my time will definitely be allotted to my family like caring for my husband and myself when I get pregnant.

Before the age of 30, I am sure that there are still many things I will discover about myself. The same is true with other adults aged 20 to 29. At this age range, there are a lot of things that I want to try. For example, I want to travel different countries. I want to hang out a lot with my friends. At this point in my life also, there are numerous that I sure will commit. From these I need to learn to become wiser and a better person.

Relationship is about love and commitment

Many couples decide to tie the knot because they said they are madly in love with each other. I can relate to them. But a relationship or married life is not just about love. It is also about commitment. Continue reading →

Listening To Music To Increase Productivity…It Works!

If you’ve read my blog in the past, then you know that I love to solve problems in creative ways, and when I do this, I make sure that my efforts make my life a bit easier. I’m a firm believer in “life hacks” that help you increase the quality of your life in more ways than one.

Increasing work productivity is an easy way to increase the quality of your life. When you increase your productivity, you get your work done quickly, and this gives you more free time to explore hobbies, interests and whatever it is that you feel like learning about.

While browsing my favorite lifestyle blogs, I recently came across a pretty cool idea to increase your productivity; the articles I read said that listening to music was one of the easiest ways to increase your productivity throughout the day.

How Does Music Help You Stay Productive?


According to Fourhourworkweek.com, people can use music to get into a groove when they are working. Music helps you concentrate by clearing your mind; when you listen to music, it helps you forget about things that distract you from doing your work, and the music lets you stay focused on the task at hand.

Lots of people have trouble with concentration; their mind wanders when it comes time to do something important. Fortunately, putting on some relaxing “work” music can help you get things done without procrastination.

Music Alters Your Mood

A mental health study I found on www.livegreatookgreat.com showed that listening to music can drastically alter a person’s mood, and when people listen to music on the job, their better mood causes them to finish their work quicker and more accurately; music also helps people come up with better ideas on the job when it comes time to brainstorm.

According to this study, people who don’t listen to music are more stressed, and this stress causes them to make hasty decisions while doing their work. Next time you need to get some work done, listen to something that puts you in a good mood; your productivity will skyrocket, and the quality of your work will increase.

Escape From Your Environment

It’s hard to be productive when you are in a noisy and distracting environment. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a place to work that is completely void of distractions. If you find yourself in this position, put on some headphones that are playing some familiar music; this helps you focus, and it blocks out ambient noise and distractions that cause you to lose concentration.

Studies have shown that people are more productive when they listen to music that they are familiar with. When you listen to music that you’ve heard before, work becomes easy because your brain goes on autopilot. New music may distract you from your work; people tend to concentrate on the new song instead of concentrating on their work. If you’re looking to increase productivity, throw on some familiar music; it’ll help you focus on the task at hand, decrease the errors in your work and it helps get your creative juices flowing.